Monday, February 15, 2010

Before I Fall

Hmm I got this book from the bn first look club and wow! This was my first book that I have gotten for first read and its one I'll remember. Well this book is amazing but the book has some language, just to warn. Except for that this is an amazing book! Sam dies in a car accident, next thing she knows she is waking up on her bed, and every time she goes to sleep once she wakes up, she ends up on her bed. At first I was excited to read and it had me hooked on the first page on what was going to happen, and with the first few chapters I knew I wasn't going to be able to put the book down! But by each day she wakes up again to a fresh start on Feb. 12 got better! I recommend this book but to every young adult (from one to another). This is book is really good it's a must read!!! And you will learn to appreciate the small things. && even though the synopsis sounds boring the book isn't! So read it and hopefully you'll love it <3>

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